Hi, and welcome to the first post on the new, official Meteora website. We toiled around with a number of different online publishing solutions over the last few months but have finally settled on a service called WordPress to help us meet our needs.

You’ll notice that the home page is in a “blog”format which should hopefully make it easier for us to update and communicate with you more often. The blog format also enables visitors to this site to leave comments about postings, events, anything! We welcome and strongly encourage you to leave comments. Come on, don’t be shy! Drop us a line 🙂

Kindest, Leon (on behalf of the committee)

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Just saw the new website and its looking good. Well done.
    Perhaps a clip from one of our events would be appropriate?

  2. Thanks for the note Patty. We definitely hope to get more videos coming through once the word starts getting out the site has been updated and can now accommodate. Feel free to shoot any vids you have to me to add. cheers!

  3. Well done Meteora – I was at the last function at it was great. Good to see a very different , modern and progressive organisation helping the wider community. I will be at the next function!

  4. Hie Leon and all the committe
    Just like to congatulate you all on the new website. I know Leon has been working hard on this website once again well done guys. I have told leon that I will give him a report on the cherrie bus trip as i will be attending the trip. I will also add some photoes from my camera from the cherries. Leon lets see a few more photoes or video’s on here all have a nice christmas and looking forward to seeing you all n the new year,

  5. A great night out at Scorpios once again well done to the organisers. Just to let you know the Federation of Thessalian Associations Australia, of which Meteora is a key member now has its own website http://www.fota.au2.com. We have linked our website to yours we would love to have yours linked to ours.

    Continue the good work! See you at the next function.


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