Dear Members and friends,

The Meteora committee hopes that the winter months have been kind to you all.  Unfortunately, the cold and other circumstances has seen a delay in getting events organised. This does not mean that the committee has not been working hard.

One of the main issues the committee has been dealing with, is the issue of Kemps Creek and the management of the Hellenic Village Trust. Your representatives have been working hard to gain greater openness in its management and better governance overall. If the last AGM is any indication, Meteora along with key unit holder organisations, have limited the  spending power of the Trust committee and have gained agreement, that future Hellenic Village Trust AGM meetings will be digitally recorded. The sale of the property continues to be a key issue as is the fair distribution of funds to the Australian Greek community of which every unit holder organisation is a member of.

It is important to also know that Meteora and FOTA were represented at the Confederation’s 10th annual meeting of Thessalians held in Karditsa Greece, on the 12 of August 2018. Mr Paul Houteas (President of FOTA) and Ilias Katsidis (from Elassona) were present. For photos of the event please visit the Confederation’s Facebook page ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΑ ΣΥΝΟΜΟΣΠΟΝΔΙΑ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΩΝ or search YouTube under the same name.

20180702_191215 20180702_191146

(photos courtesy of Peter Siomos)


on behalf of the

President, Mr Jim Mpliokas



Current Committee

President Jim Mpliokas , Vice President John Dellas, Secretary George Koungoulos, Treasurer Con Kaletsis.

Committee Phillip Siomos, Arthur Koungoulos, Vasili Koungoulos, Andonia Maropoulos, Loukas Koungoulos,  George Mpliokas, Paul Houteas.

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