Historian John Albanis – History of Kalampaka 17 Nov 2013

IMG_20131117_182023 IMG_20131117_183303 IMG_20131117_182028 IMG_20131117_182036 IMG_20131117_182114 IMG_20131117_182128 IMG_20131117_182301 IMG_20131117_183307 IMG_20131117_191120 IMG_20131117_191123IMG_20131117_193746 IMG_20131117_193750 IMG_20131117_193921 IMG_20131117_193925 IMG_20131117_194053_1 IMG_20131117_194306 IMG_20131117_194323 IMG_20131117_194413 IMG_20131117_194532 IMG_20131117_194534 IMG_20131117_194732 IMG_20131117_194738

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