Kalampaka is one of the ancient towns of Thessaly. It is known all over Greece and the world because of the famous monasteries that exist on the top of the rocks of the Meteora that are at the north-eastern side of it. Every year, millions of visitors come from all over the world in order to admire and honour them.

The town of Kalampaka is built on the feet of the Meteora and it is at the left side of the river Pinios at the point that it enters the plain of Thessaly. The town is the capital of the province that takes up the north-western part of the prefecture of Trikala. At the north-eastern part of the city exists the picturesque neighbourhood of Sopotos, under the rock of the Holy Trinity and the rock of Alsos.

During the Hellenistic and Roman period the ancient name of the town was Aeginion. The name can be found on an inscription located on the wall of the church of Saint John the Baptist. At the beginning of the 10th century (901-907) Kalampaka is mentioned as Stagi, a name that is preserved until today as a Metropolitan title.

Many travellers passed through Kalampaka from the ancient years until today and they refer to it by the name Aeginion or by the name Stagi.

People believe the name Kalampaka, took its name from the Turkish word ‘kale mpak’ meaning prestigious castle and one cans see why. This prestigious castle is surrounded by the imposing rocks of Meteora.

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